310 Shakes or IdealShape Shakes?

The meal replacement industry is flooded with products from different manufacturers. Popular brands include 310 and IdealShape shakes. They both have admirable characteristics, but one of them is better than the other. To find out which one is more beneficial, continue reading. 

a) Taste and flavors

Both 310 and ideal shakes have delicious tastes. For the Ideal shake, the list of favors is long but just to mention a few there are vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, orange cream, cookies cream and chocolate cream pie. Despite the tempting flavors, Ideal Shape contains artificial sweeteners, which are not good for your health.

If you decide to purchase 310 shakes, you will enjoy a variety of tastes such as vanilla chai, strawberry, vanilla, mocha, chocolate and salted caramel. This brand has no artificial sugars thus safer for your body than Ideal shake.

b) Calories

It is always recommended that you ingest foods low in calories. Such guard against unnecessary weight gain. The two shakes’ calories levels are not far apart. Ideal Shape has 100calories per serving while 310 contains 90 calories in each serving. You are likely to take one serving in a day, two if necessary. Therefore, you do not have to track your calories intake when using 310 or Ideal because they have low calories alreadyc) Sugars

Sugars contribute to weight gain. For this reason, an excellent meal replacement shake will either have no sugars or keep them at the minimum. 310 and Ideal shakes are worthwhile meal replacement solutions.

Well, Ideal contains 1g of sugar. 310 plant-based shakes lack sugars but whey based ones have only 1g of sugar.

IdealShape constitutes artificial sweeteners, sucralose, and fructose among other sugars. They account for its 1g quantity. Sugars do not give you the full stomach’ feeling after consuming them. They cause your brain to tell you that you need to eat more. This eventually makes you gain weight instead of losing it.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing between 310 shakes and IdealShape shakes based on sugar content, you had better purchase 310. Its whey-based products have 1g sugar, but it is the natural sugar substitute not artificial.

d) Protein

Protein is an essential component of any weight loss shake. Your body needs quality and quantity proteins. IdealShape contains a whey blend of proteins. They serve to build and repair muscles, not forgetting the nutritional value they provide your body.

However, whey protein poses a health issue. It is because whey is difficult to digest thus could cause an upset stomach. Besides, whey protein is not suitable for vegans.

310 shakes offer two protein brands those that are plant-based and the whey-based. This way you have a choice. If you dislike whey products, plant-based protein would be helpful for you. 310 suits all people. It is also sugar, dairy, and gluten-free thus great for vegetarians. 310’s proteins entail pea, brown rice, and hemp that come with health benefits.

About quantity of protein in the two shakes, Ideal carries 11g while 310 shakes have 15g of protein per serving. More protein means you feel fuller for longer, you are more energized, and you have a better metabolism.

e) Fiber

Like proteins, fiber makes you full for longer periods. Fiber improves digestion and flushes toxins from the body, therefore, preventing bloat or stomach upset. Dietary fiber in both IdealShape and 310 shakes stands at 5g. You can be sure the potato extract in an Ideal shake, and waxy maize and soluble finder in 310 will give your body the fiber it needs to stay full for a while.

IdealShape reviews involve users attesting to the fact that it keeps their stomachs full for 3-4hours. 310 shakes have the same effect. Regarding fiber, any of the two meal replacement shakes is great.

f) Price tag

Affordability of weight loss shakes in a crucial factor. Well, IdealShape costs $49.99 for 30 servings. 310 Shakes are available at $68 for every 28servings. You now know which option is cheaper. Nonetheless, if you do not mind the cost of 310, there is nothing to bar you from using it.

Bottom Line

In order to arrive at your desired purchase, you should look at the individual features of the two products. IdealShape contains artificial sweeteners but has 100 calories, 11g protein, and 5g fiber. 310 shake has no sweeteners, contains 90calories, and 5g fiber. The main difference between the two products is the price and the chemical elements in an Ideal shake. The dual review above has made it easier for you to decide whether to buy 310 shakes or IdealShape shakes.