CBD Oil: A Promising Natural Remedy with Unique Therapeutic Properties

Cannabis is a healing herb that is widely used for medical purposes since 70 ac. In fact, the herb was ranked by Dioscurides, one of the most famous pharmacists in ancient Greece, among the plants with significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as it contains more than 150 different chemical compounds, the cannabinoids. In modern medicine, the term “medical cannabis” is used to call both the plant itself and its natural derivatives – cannabinoids, if they are used for therapeutic purposes. One of the most important cannabinoids is Cannabidiol (CBD) which faces a great deal of recognition among scientists around the world, as it is a natural drug, the therapeutic properties of which are well proven.

Table of Content

  1. What is CBD oil?
  2. The origin of CBD oil
  3. The mode of action of CBD oil
  4. CBD oil benefits
  5. CBD oil effects
  6. Important information on CBD oil that most people get wrong.
  7. Epilogue
  8. CBD oil reviews and references

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most important derivatives of cannabis herb. It is a substance that considers being absolutely natural, legal and impressively effective in use in the form of oil. CBD oil has gained worldwide attention for the last 10 years, as it is a natural nutrition supplement that strengthens human health in everyday life and enforces the feeling of well-being. Furthermore, it is a powerful alternative form of therapeutic treatment to a great variety of serious illnesses. Scientific research on CBD oil has shown that it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can deal effectively with many physical and mental diseases, without causing addiction, unlike other cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol – THC.

The origin of CBD oil

CBD oil is a totally natural remedy, as it is formed by the natural extraction of cannabis herb and mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut or hemp oil, to become a precious natural remedy. The process begins with the harvest of cannabis herb every October and to produce the oil, only the clones rather than the seeds are used, for the extract to be highly CBD and low THC concentrated. After the harvesting, the plants are left to dry in the air for three or four weeks and then the flowers are removed from the herb and transformed to CBD oil.

The mode of action of CBD oil

Cannabidiol has the unique ability to interact with our body. This is accomplished through its collaboration with the so-called endocannabinoid system of the brain. A human body has its own natural cannabinoid receptors, the CB, and CB2 receptors, that exist in the Central Nervous System an some of them in the immune system also. Thus, Cannabidiol interacts with these receptors but it is not bound to them permanently. This means that CBD oil benefits our health without causing any additive effects. Essentially, it strengthens the body defense against threats, maintains the internal balance of the body and makes organ functioning more efficient.

CBD oil benefits

CBD oil has tremendous benefits to the human body and it can be an ideal supplement not only for people who deal with serious illnesses, but also for those who want to wake up in the morning full of energy. According to scientific researches, CBD oil’s benefits are:

  • CBD oil against mental disorders

Cannabidiol has been proven that it is effective against anti-psychosis treatment. More specifically, it seemed to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia. Though, its mode of action is currently unknown. Furthermore, recent scientific researches have shown that CBD oil has the same anti-psychotic properties as common drugs but it does not cause undesirable side effects.

  • CBD oil against epilepsy

Scientists think of CBD oil as a very promising treatment of epileptic seizures. In a recent survey conducted involving children suffering from epilepsy, 84% of their parents reported having observed significant withdrawal of symptoms in their children by using CBD oil. The parents also reported that their children appeared to have several good behaviors using the oil, such as an increased feeling of readiness, better psychology in general, positive, sleep quality and better school [performance. After 3 months of treatment with CBD oil, epilepsy seizures in children decreased by 50%.

  • CBD oil against pain

Cannabidiol has proven strong anti-inflammatory action, which has been shown to relieve a wide range of pains, as well as to treat the symptoms of illnesses associated with intense pain such as post-operative pains, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic pains.

  • CBD oil and cardiovascular health

CBD oil causes dilatation of arteries and protects the vessels from lesions. Cannabidiol reduces the amount of damage caused by the blockage of the vessels in the heart and the brain and improves cardiac arrhythmia. Studies have also shown that the use of CBD oil reduces effectively the blood pressure, as well as heartbeats in situations that cause intense anxiety and stress.

  • CBD oil against depression

CBD oil has antidepressant properties and the results of its use in people with depression were immediately apparent and had a prolonged duration. This may be the natural response treatment to antidepressant drugs, which unfortunately can cause a severe number of side effects.

CBD oil effects

According to some patients who have used the remedy, the undesirable effects of CBD oil are reduced because there are no synthetic chemicals in it. Though, CBD oil can cause side effects, although it is worth noting that they are extremely rare and will only occur when certain specific conditions are met.

  • The “Cottonmouth” CBD oil can cause the so-called cottonmouth, as it has been discovered that cannabinoid receptors can also be found in sub-mandibular glands that have a job of producing saliva. So, when CBD oil affects these receptors, then saliva production is affected, leaving the mouth dry.
  • Patients with Parkinson’s disease may experience worse symptoms at higher doses of CBD oil.5.3 CBD oil may affect the liver metabolizes certain medicinal products.

Important information on CBD oil

There are several misunderstanding and urban myths concerning medical cannabis and CBD oil, that most people think of them as true. This article aims to clarify things. One of the most common beliefs about cannabinoids is that CBD is a substance used for therapeutic purposes and THC, on the other hand, is recreational. The truth is that THC has unique therapeutic properties such as CBD. Another misunderstanding concerning CBD oil is that most people tend to believe that its action is diminishing without the presence of THC. Though, all the scientific researches have proven that CBD is more effective without the presence of THC in the treatment of several diseases. Finally, it should be mentioned that the single molecule pharmaceutical and remedies are far more effective than the whole plant. In fact, according to several kinds of research, specific components of the plant such as CBD are beneficial to human health rather than the “crude” plant itself which appears to have no medical value at all.

Epilogue In conclusion

CBD oil is justifiably the promising natural remedy, which continues to impress researchers with its potential, but also patients who have an allied side with their difficult health problems. Anyone can buy cbd oil from the online store. There are few new brands available on market.


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